Tell me about Colorado: A Tribute

On the second day of the new year, my grandfather left this earth. Loved ones surrounded him for days and weeks, and when he departed, his children were by his side.

Sometime before he left, Grandpa Ron asked me to tell him about Colorado, writing the request on his dry erase board. Continue reading “Tell me about Colorado: A Tribute”


Minimalism & Mindfulness

I’m a Mess…

Β Those close to me have known that for most of my life, I’ve been a pretty messy person. Clothes, shoes, books, and papers have consistently littered my bedrooms, desks, and cars throughout the years, and I know now that part of my messiness can be attributed to being overwhelmed with stuff. Continue reading “Minimalism & Mindfulness”

Pike National Forest, or How One Hula Hoop and a Tin Bucket Changed my Life

There is something otherworldly about giant pine trees swaying in glittery white dust, and sometimes the movement of the trees in the wind is deafening.  Continue reading “Pike National Forest, or How One Hula Hoop and a Tin Bucket Changed my Life”

“So, where do you live?”

The first question people always ask after hearing about our little adventure into the wilderness is, “so, where do you live?” Well, we live everywhere! That’s the short answer anyway. The longer answer is… a bit more complicated. Continue reading ““So, where do you live?””

The Beginning of a Beautifully Small Life

The Best Days

Hello friends, family, campers and glampers. Welcome to the biggest adventure of our lives! What does this adventure entail, you ask? Well, it begins with a cheap, tiny, and most likely mildewy travel camper, and eventually ends with a cozy little cabin homestead in the mountains. Continue reading “The Beginning of a Beautifully Small Life”