Kacie & Sean are Heading Into the Wilderness

Kind of.

In the pursuit of a simpler (yet more fulfilling) lifestyle, we are trading in most of the comforts of modernity for a more “rustic” way of living the American Dream.

This dream involves a tiny house, two little doggies, and a whole new way of doing things.

Sean and I met in Pittsburg, Kansas and currently reside on our five acre homestead in the Colorado Rockies.

We live minimally, we live simply, but we live adventurously. 

Some of Sean’s favorite hobbies include dunking on poor souls at the city’s basketball court, creating tasty licks on his guitar, and hiking the nearby terrain.

I enjoy writing short stories that I have a hard time finishing, reading anything from Jane Austen to H.P. Lovecraft, and complaining to Sean about hiking the nearby terrain.

When we aren’t trekking through the mountains together, we are working on an endless array of projects in our little Jellybean Shasta. It is “vintage,” after all…

We’ve even installed a composting toilet. 

Life is a journey, an adventure, and we only get one. So, Sean and I have decided to live ours… rustically.

We choose to be as as free as we can be. Free from many of the constraints and comforts of modern living, while embracing the excitement that accompanies the rugged unknown.


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