So Ya Wanna Go Off the Grid? (3)

Part three: Electrical Sourcing. No matter how rustic, simple, or minimal you want to live, some form of electricity is still pretty much a necessity. There are many options for sourcing electricity for your off-grid home, including solar panel options, electrical generators and batteries, or bringing in traditional power lines to your property, and each option or scenario has its own price tag and logistics attached to it.  Continue reading So Ya Wanna Go Off the Grid? (3)


So Ya Wanna Go Off the Grid? (2)

Part Two: Heat Sourcing, Figuring BTU, and Safety…
Many options exist for heating your off-grid vehicle or home, and your heat source really depends on your location and living space. We prefer propane for fueling our heat as opposed to electricity or wood, because for us, it’s been the most convenient and efficient to use. Continue reading So Ya Wanna Go Off the Grid? (2)

Tiny World, Big Misconception

There appears to be a stigma or misconception that sometimes surrounds the tiny community. By community, I mean the ever-growing movement of people who are opting out of thousands of square feet in exchange for the smaller living spaces of recreational vehicles, tiny homes on trailers, school buses, shipping containers, motorhomes, yurts — the list goes on and on. Continue reading Tiny World, Big Misconception