The Rugged Summer, pt. II

This summer was an outdoorsman’s adventure and a transcendentalist’s dream… Attempting to promote one’s own work, hustling for projects and contracts, committing to undesirable work — all of these things can make a writer (or artist, or anyone, for that matter) feel like they are constantly selling themselves for the sake of their craft.

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The Rugged Summer, pt. I

Years from now, when your skin has worn thin and silklike, and your joints are rusted and creaky and won’t move anymore, what of your life will you look back to with fondness? Me, when I am old and weathered, I will think of The Rugged Summer.

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Minimalism & Mindfulness

I’m a Mess…  Those close to me have known that for most of my life, I’ve been a pretty messy person. Clothes, shoes, books, and papers have consistently littered my bedrooms, desks, and cars throughout the years, and I know now that part of my messiness can be attributed to being overwhelmed with stuff.

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