Sun Sushi, Iron Skillets, and Cooking Among the Elements

Some of our favorite meals to prepare and enjoy are those which don't require traditional kitchen elements. I am talking about real CAMP FOOD. Food that is made outside of a "kitchen." Food that is made beneath the big open sky.


Working to Make it Work

Somewhere around the time when I was studying Shakespeare and tending bar for unruly fraternity bros, I began forming an image in my mind of what my wildly successful adult life would look like.

It’s Not Always Sunshine and Flowers

I have to admit, this lifestyle is pretty great. Living in the mountains, far from the rat-race and all it implies, definitely has its perks. But, such is life, everything isn't always just sunshine and flowers. In fact, some days are really hard.

Holy Sh**, We Love Our Composting Toilet

We're well into our second year on the Life Rustic road, and we're still two very happy campers. We've made a few updates to both the little Jellybean camper and to our lifestyle, including a kitchen demolition and major change of scenery. We even made the life-altering decision to install a composting toilet.

Tiny World, Big Misconception

There appears to be a stigma or misconception that sometimes surrounds the tiny community. By community, I mean the ever-growing movement of people who are opting out of thousands of square feet in exchange for the smaller living spaces of recreational vehicles, tiny homes on trailers, school buses, shipping containers, motorhomes, yurts -- the list goes on and on.

The Rugged Summer, pt. II

Attempting to promote one's own work, hustling for projects and contracts, committing to undesirable work -- all of these things can make a writer (or artist, or anyone, for that matter) feel like they are constantly selling themselves for the sake of their craft. That all went away this summer.

The Rugged Summer, pt. I

Years from now, when your skin has worn thin and silklike, and your joints are rusted and creaky and won't move anymore, what of your life will you look back to with fondness? Me, when I am old and weathered, I will think of The Rugged Summer.

10 Quotes to Awaken Your Inner Minimalist

Let's be honest, practicing minimalism can be challenging. In theory, simplicity should be -- well, simple. Get rid of junk you already have, and don't buy junk you don't need. Easy enough, right?

Well, I’ve really done it this time.

I've gone off and done quit my job. QUIT. MY. JOB. The nice cushy one at the research hospital. The big girl job. The measure of my success. The one for which we dropped everything and moved. I must be crazy, right?!

Tell me about Colorado: A Tribute

On the second day of the new year, my grandfather left this earth. Loved ones surrounded him for days and weeks, and when he departed, his children were by his side. Sometime before he left, Grandpa Ron asked me to tell him about Colorado, writing the request on his dry erase board.