Coconut Oil: The Hot Sauce of Health & Wellness

Frizzy hair? Coconut oil.
No shaving cream? Coconut oil.
Dry skin? Coconut oil.
Bad credit? Coconut oil
Boyfriend acting up? Coconut oil.

I took that from one of my favorite memes, because it makes me laugh and is just so true. Coconut oil can make anything better. If you think about it, coconut oil is like the hot sauce of health and wellness — you can put that sh** on everything.

Which, I guess for me, makes it more like the honey mustard of my world… In fact I don’t even like hot sauce. But that doesn’t really work for a blog post title.

Coconut oil is one of those amazing natural substances that has tons and tons of practical life uses AND healthy-living uses, and I use it every. single. day. in my food and on my body.

Here is how coconut oil has managed to slide itself into my daily routines:

Like Butter

Yes, coconut oil literally slides into my day like butter. Anything that you are using butter or vegetable oil for, you can replace with coconut oil.

And it’s good for you!

Where butter and other oils are high in fat and all that other non-nutritional stuff that I have no idea about, coconut oil is actually much better to consume. Many people swear by its value in oil-pulling — basically swishing a small amount of it around in the mouth for a few minutes before spitting out — which is supposed to pull out toxins, while also helping to clean and repair teeth and gums.

As for cooking, I like the practicality and versatility of coconut oil, especially from an off-grid/vanlife/camplife standpoint. Get yourself one of those giant, eight pound tubs of coconut oil from Amazon, and yeehaw — you’re set. Throw the oil in your skillet, your coffee cup, on your toothbrush, whatever.

Eye Makeup Remover

Whenever Sean and I are totally off the grid and secluded from society for days or weeks at a time, I usually just don’t wear any makeup at all (or shoes or real pants, for that matter). But when I’m around colleagues or professionals, going out and about with my husband, or just otherwise wanting to be fancy — giiiirrrrrrrl, you know I’m outlining my eyelids with jet-black batwings and applying fifteen layers of mascara.

But when I’m done looking like Cleopatra and need to get all that goop off, I break open the coconut oil.

A dime-sized dollop of the stuff rubbed between my fingers usually does the trick, and I just close my eyes and go to town — massaging the base of my lashes and smearing the oil all over my eyelids. Of course I look like a racoon afterwards, and finish with soap and water to get the remaining junk off my face.

But what I love about using coconut oil around my eyes, is that it cuts right through the makeup, and even waterproof mascara just melts off my lashes. I don’t have to scrub this sensitive eye area with cloth, makeup remover, or anything else that might irritate my skin. In fact, the nourishing properties of coconut oil work wonders for my eyelashes, and I’ve definitely noticed a healthy improvement in my lashes since starting using coconut oil a couple of years ago.


I wrote in another post about last winter in Colorado being insanely cold and harsh, and I kinda freaked this spring when I began to notice the effects of dry, dull skin. I knew I needed some serious moisturization.

So, I focused on incorporating more and more applications of coconut oil into my day. I filled a little jar with organic coconut oil and put it in the bathroom next to the soap and toothbrushes, and made a conscious effort to use it multiple times a day.

Use the bathroom, wash hands — put some coconut oil somewhere. Brush hair — apply coconut oil. Enter the bathroom for any reason — you know where this is going.

And after I’ve taken off makeup and washed my face with soap and water, I usually complete the entire ritual with even more coconut oil. A final dab on the fingers to finish off the eye area, and another to go everywhere else on my face. Coconut oil is an especially great post-bathing moisturizer, and like the meme up there says, is even an ideal shaving cream alternative.

All-Around Everything

Basically, coconut oil is just the answer to everything. When in doubt, put some coconut oil on it.

When PeeWee, our mountain-exploring Chihuahua, got some sort of irritation on a part of his skin this summer, causing him to scratch and gnaw the area raw, what did I smear directly onto his skin? You guessed it, coconut oil. And when I gave myself a massive, manila envelope paper cut — which was no freaking joke, by the way — what did I put onto the cut beneath my band-aid? You know I put on that coconut oil.

Coconut oil has been proven to have antibiotic properties, and is also a natural antiseptic, lubricant, and nutritional substance.

Which means that it can be used for a lot of things, in a lot of places — even places where you maybe wouldn’t be putting other things.

Read that however you want…

Just know that if you ever find yourself wondering if you can put coconut oil on there, in there, up there, or even down there — the answer is always yes.

So I guess it’s not really like hot sauce or honey mustard… Please don’t put condiments in all the places I’m telling to put coconut oil. Yikes.

Coconut oil is just the… coconut oil of the health and wellness world. And really, the world at large. Which is to say, it’s flippin’ awesome.

How do you love to use coconut oil?

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